Workshop: “Checklist for a New Comic: A Guide to Getting Started”

The MoCCA Art Festival is likely to be the only show I go to this year until January in Angoulême. Matt and I will have a table (B3) and are running a workshop/discussion on Saturday at 1:15. Come see us! I’ll have printouts from my new scifi epic Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars to show off, new postcards from my Kickstarter, and lots of books for sale. Matt will have a new minicomic of Tic Tac Toe comics!

The big news for the show is that, although it’s not officially “out” yet, we will have copies of Mastering Comics to peruse (but not buy, unfortunately). Since that’s just too much of a tease, Matt and I put together a little giveaway contest for two lucky entrants. Make a Doodle Comic and bring it to us by Sunday at 2 to win! See the full details here, and stop by out table on Saturday for a handout/starter doodles will be available at our table. (MC will be officially released at TCAF in Toronto next week—Matt will be there.)

ALSO: if you’re a publisher or self publisher, we’re accepting submissions for the Best American Comics at our table!

Table: B3

Workshop: “Checklist for a New Comic: A Guide to Getting Started”

Room B
Saturday April 28, 1:15

Jessica Abel, Matt Madden

In this brief seminar, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden will walk you through the many considerations you should keep in mind when you embark on a new comic of any kind. Abel and Madden will help you strategize and come up with a working plan for your next project, and will cover: creative block and coming up with ideas; choosing a format and platform that makes sense; setting goals and scheduling your time so that you can reach them; finding an audience and looking for collaborators and/or publishers. So bring some paper and be ready to take notes on your next big (or small) project!

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