La Perdida in Mexico City - Jessica Abel

La Perdida in Mexico City

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to Mexico City for a few days. Though the notice was short, my friends Jorge Alderete and Clarisa Moura, who are half of the proprietors of the fantastic new store Kong, managed to whip up a pretty impressive book release event for me.

We showed slides, and I was interviewed live by Uriel Waziel. Unfortunately, the Mexican post office didn’t deliver the books they ordered from the publisher (Astiberri, in Spain) in time, but fortunately, we expected this might happen, and I had hand-carried a pile of books in my suitcase, so we were not without supplies. It was exciting and scary to have the book out in Mexico, I have to admit! So far, La Perdida is only available at Kong, a design store that carries toys, comics, clothes, art, books, and all kinds of other stuff. Maybe one day we’ll find distribution for more locations.

Photos by Adolfo Flores.


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