La Perdida nominated for Essentiels d'Angoulême Award - Jessica Abel

La Perdida nominated for Essentiels d’Angoulême Award

The French edition of La Perdida, published by Delcourt, is one of only 44 books nominated this year for the Essentiels d’Angoulême award out of 4000 comics released in French in 2006.

The Angoulême Essentials are this year’s version of the most important French comics awards (which keep getting renamed and reorganized seemingly every year). The prize will function differently this year than in the past. This year’s president of the festival, Lewis Trondheim, saw a need for a streamlined prize structure, so he eliminated named prizes (in the past there were prizes for best drawing, best foreign album, best writer, etc.), and decided there should simply be one Best Album of the year, and a list six “Essential” books, one of which will be “best newcomer”.

The awards will be given on the Saturday night of the d’Angoulême Festival, January 27th. I will be in attendance with Matt. Exercises in Style was also released in a glamorous French edition this year, by L’Association.


The complete list of Essentiels is archived on 

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